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Win Fuel for Your #PassionProject

Continuing monthly through the end of the year, individuals who have a specific project in mind can share their passion project and vie for one of ten $2,000 awards. The ten monthly winners will be chosen based on the creativity, originality and quality of the passion projects submitted. Projects can be submitted and shared at

Click here to submit your #PassionProject

#PassionProject is a campaign by #AmericanExpress to motivate and inspire “makers, creators, and mold-breakers” to pursue their passions and live life to its fullest. For the rest of this year, AmEx will be awarding multiple winners $2,000 to help jumpstart their passion project.

Scott Harrison, a member of the #PassionProject donated his birthday by collecting donations to assist the 800 million people living without clean drinking water. He turned his passion into an organization, #CharityWater that makes clean drinking water accessible to all of those in need.

#PassionProject is important because even with all the technological advances we have access to today, most people agree that the key ingredient to any successful project is passion. Thanks to Digitas New York, we are very excited to create the music for #PassionProject videos. We want others to pursue their own passions, just as we do here at Storefront everyday!

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